You will find instructions on how to use the entertainment center, thermostat, etc.

Living Room Entertainment Center


  • Remote Control #1
  • Use to adjust volume
  • To watch DVD/Internet
    • Source Button: HDMI1
  • To watch TV
    • Source Button: HDMI2


  • Remote Control #2
  • Thin Black SONY Box
  • Use HOME Button and select DVD disc for DVD or other button of your choice to connect via internet to those options
  • NETFLIX/YOUTUBE – select and enjoy
  • Be sure you have turned TV to HDMI1 (see above)



  • Remote Control #3
  • Cox Cable.
  • Use Guide Button to find channels
  • Be sure you have turned TV to HDMI2 (see TV)


There are 2 thermostats on this condo.  The vents they control have an odd configuration.  Please adjust to your comfort according to the following:

Ecobee in the living room controls:

  • vents near front porch and kitchen
  • bedroom main floor near ocean
  • upstairs bedroom


NEST in front hallway controls:

  • bedroom near front door
  • half bath
  • vents over dining table